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    Anyone else read this review??


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    Of course i did…interesting stuff..I have been speaking with Bob about it…I will let him comment on this…but interesting enough no Yukna mention…….;….

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    I’ve been speaking with a few periodontists in my area about lasers in dentistry and they pretty much all share the opinion/conclusion of the article. Some meet the whole idea with more resistance than others. I am puzzled as to why the Yukna study was not mentioned either . . . or LANAP.
    Bob, help us out . . . . how can we discuss this issue with periodontists so that they will listen?


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    Robert Gregg DDS


    We discuss this in detail at Day 4 and Day 5………….;)

    I actually look at the article as movement toward eventual acceptance of laser perio.

    In 1992, Cobb published 2 articles that said Nd:YAG laser burn roots, inhibit fibroblasts migration and were generally dangerous. The AAP adopted a laser Position Paper that reflected his flawed study designs.

    Around 2000, Dederich published a laser review in JADA that said laser perio was no better than S/RP.

    Now Cobb is saying there is “minimal evidence” for lasers perio treatments.

    In January, AAP President-Elect Preston Miller said that the new lasers (i.e. Periolase) for perio treatment are worthy of looking at. His partner is a Periolase owner.

    The AAP and Cobb are preparing their members for a “soft-landing” when the results can no longer be ignored or denied.

    The failure to cite the Yukna abstract was a big mistake. It once again hurts Cobb’s credibility. It was a big mistake to say that only peer reviewed papers would be included, then cite a Dentistry Today article, but not all that pertain to laser perio.

    Those periodontists who rest to hard on this latest Cobb paper have sand for a foundation not bedrock. If the perio folks you are talking with share the same con clusion, ask them if they also share the direction that Cobb and the AAP are moving……

    A perio friend of Cobb’s and lectuer at UMKC is a Periolase owner. Cobb has follwed his results for the past 18 months. This periodontist has been so successful in clinical results (getting what we claim) and ROI as well that he is attending Bootcamps to become a LANAP instructor.

    So, I’m starting to feel a bit like the Indians at the Little Big Horn listening to Custer tell his troops, “We don’t need to wait for General Reno’s reinforcements, we have them right where we want them.”

    Making critical conclusions while ignoring all all the available data can be dangerous. Relying on incomplete data and accepting that at face value is foolish for professional soldiers and periodontists alike.


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    @Robert Gregg DDS 42044 wrote:

    In January, AAP President-Elect Preston Miller said that the new lasers (i.e. Periolase) for perio treatment are worthy of looking at. His partner is a Periolase owner.


    Hi, Bob.

    I have a meeting with a Cobbite on Tuesday. If this is in print, I’d like to know where I can find it. By the way, the Cobbite basic only used gingivectomies to treat perio and these look like they were performed with a weed-wacker! Still, he is threatening to report me to the powers-that-be if I don’t stop advertising I treat advanced perio with a laser.

    Steve Eaves
    Woodbridge, VA

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