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    Anyone have a source for good quality brochures on the use of lasers in treatment of perio and/or hard tissue?

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    Don’t know about quality but the Academy of Laser Dentistry has some members can order.

    BTW, Welcome to the forum!

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    Robert Gregg

    Hey Mark,

    If we can ever get you to quit messin’ around in “the Valley” and down to Cerritos, I have some stuff to share with you…….

    your old friend,


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    A good question, but a classic example of analog thinking in a digital world.

    Try this question instead, “Anyone know who can produce some CD rom’s that are perhaps 30 minutes long and will play in most people’s computers at home?”

    Go for broke with the cd’s, the laser and it’s appeal to the market you want to reach won’t let you down.

    Be sure and invite people to make copies of them to give to their friends in a prominent place in the ad.

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    Also on the technology side of things. I send out electronic Newsletters and get a lot of good feedback from my patients. They can forward the emails to whoever they like. It can include images, animations, stories etc and is completely trackable. You can see how many people open your newsletter, how many send it on to friends, how many follow the links you set in it and more.

    I have looked at many and tested many of these systems and the one i like the best is listed on there are demo’s there for those interested and even a free trial. I beleive it to be better than a cd and a lot cheaper to produce.

    Hope this is of some help. I would be happy to answer any questions about eNewsletters. Just let me know.

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    Bruce Baird of Granbury Texas can and does produce cd’s and electronic mailers.  He is a Periolase user and is presently recording many well known lecturers.  He showed me a small mailer cd he made for his practice.  He can be reached at Granbury Dental Center in Granbury Texas.


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    Did you ever find anyone who had made a brochure for LANAP?

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    Tom Schoen had a good one…

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