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    I have noticed, can’t remember where, some posts referring to the difficulty of cutting some teeth with the erbium.
    I had a case this morning with a 6 year old who needed an occlusal on the lower left D.

    I had moved my settings up to 25Hz, 240 mj and still did not seem to be making a dent in the occlusal surface. I changed tips to a 30 degree from a 60 but there was no change. has anyone else noticed this on occasion or should all primary teeth cut like butter? I checked my calibration and I am running at 86%.

    Just feeling that I am losing some cutting efficiency but it may just be in my head.

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    If everything is operating properly with the erbium you should see efficient cutting on deciduous as well as adult teeth. Adult molar enamel can at times be frustrating but you really shouldn’t see any problems with deciduous or adult anteriors/premolars.

    Did you try changing to a brand new tip? Whenever I perceive a reduction in cutting efficiency I put in a new tip and this solves my problems. The tips can degrade and you have to carefully examine them for chips under magnification.

    If this doesn’t help then contact service for guidance.


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    Thanks Al

    I did try a new tip and looked at the old under magnification. The new tip was also not getting through the enamal. The older tip had a very small mark at the tip. Did not think it would be enough to effect cutting that much.

    I had tech in today to show him and of course it worked perfectly.

    I will have to keep a better eye on those tips.


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    terry burgess


    I have experienced similar conditions myself. Try turning your Hz down to 20 and cranking your mJ up as high as they will go. This should fall in the range of 310-320. You will experience faster cutting of enamel and less sensitivity. Let me know how this works for you.


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