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    I am a frustrated Waterlase user at the present time.

    We have been using the Biolase Waterlase for 3 months with mixed success.
    I have noticed that the laser will “cycle” for lack of a better term. What I mean is that it seems to almost rev up and down slightly during continuous use. Almost like an idling car sometimes will. My partner and I have had many people complain of “electric shocks” and we are trying to figure out if this phenomenon may be the cause. We have talked to several other dentists using the laser and I think, have pretty much eliminated most other likely causes. Our air and H2O settings are default for the machine and we have tried a variety of power settings. Our machine did have a contaminated water supply (internal) for sometime, but that has been replaced. Just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this.


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    When you say ‘recycled’ what is it they’ve done? Has the fiber and handpiece been replaced?When I first got mine I was having trouble with what I called arcing-little flashes that caused dicomfort even when I was sure I hadn’t contacted metal. replacement of the fiber and handpiece solved this. Can you post the settings your using? Maybe we can help more.

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    Well, Waterlase basically replaced the entire water system inside the box. It had become contaminated somehow and was not filtering right. also the power was very low. After we had this fixed the power was great. I can cut through steel with the thing (jk), but I am still having some problems with the “electric shock” thing. My partner has used it on me for 2 occlusal restorations on 18 and 31. Pain free until dentin and then “wow”. felt like when I had my veneers placed without anesthetic. lots of sensitivity. He cut through the enamel on the default 4.00 power setting (H2o at 55% and 65%Air) As soon as he hit dentin he went down to 3.25, but basically it didnt cut well here so a slowspeed was used to excavate decay. Here are the settings as we are currently using:

    1. 6.00 90%Air 75%H20
    2. 4.00 65%Air 55%H20
    3. 1.50 11%Air 10%H20
    4. 0.75 11%Air 0% H20

    Anybody that has suggestions please let me know. I am planning on putting a call into Keith at Waterlase today to discuss the option of getting a New Waterlase. We are just tired of hurting people.


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    I’m not an expert but here’s what I’ve been doing.
    1.5W 20/20 20 seconds
    1.75 W 20/20 20 seconds
    2.00W 20/20 20 seconds
    keep progessing up to 3.25 W for B or Ling (4.50 for occl with more air and h2o) remove necessary enamel. Once thru enamel I again cut down to the 1.75-2.00 range for removing dentin/caries . This seems to ‘condition the tooth enough that I can then remove all decay with a small sharp round bur and the patient doesn’t have discomfort. When done with round bur I again run the laser thru the prep, then restore.

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    are you starting out with that low of a setting at first to remove enamel? if so, doesn’t it take a long time? one of the reasons we bought the laser was to be more efficient and waste less time (with anesthetic, etc.) time is money as they say.

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    The lower settings won’t remove enamel . My understanding is the lower settings ‘condition’ the tooth-maybe starting to block the pain pathways. I also think the gradual increase keeps the higher setting from feeling quite as forceful to the patient. As far as speed , at this point I definitely spend longer prepping with the laser-sometimes it seems like an eternity- but when I actually check the clock, class III & class V’s I do just as quick or quicker as when I need to use the handpiece and anesthesia. Class II’s take slightly longer and Class I’s take a lot longer. I guess I bought my laser for different reasons- less need for anesthetic, able to offer different services, increased bond strength,ability to do more conservative (micro) dentistry thus perserving more tooth structure, and of course the WOW factor.

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    My machine is working fine. Second one after six months with a lemon. I have experienced the shock but I believe it only happens when a focused energy is directed begins to cut rapidly into the dentin. With magnification I watch the enamel melt away and open the prep so I can work down the sides of the decayed area . If it is narrow and deep I use the 1/4 round to remove the dark tissue(love that round bur). I have also gone from a macho 6w to a much more conservative number (3-4) and increased wattage as necessary. I find I can not cut at speed without magnification where I can easily watch the enamel melt away. Keep the tip moving and do not allow it to drill a hole into the dentin.

    I find if I work up slowly on the watts(.25 then 1.50) on the inexperienced patient I can do almost anything on the second or third tooth.

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