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    My TwiLite just arrived and soon Biolase will be coming to do the presets. Can you share what you have found to be most useful to have the presets programmed at?

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    Been trying to use the Lasersmile more often. Been doing the decontamination and the degranulation as shown by the trainers. Have seen some nice results with a couple initial patients.
    Had a patient this week that need periodontal sx. I did the degranuation on selected sites. Then flapped using the Lasersmile. I was rather surprised by the amount of granulation tissue still present. The tip was activated and with an open flap it still took a while to degranulate the area. Makes me wonder about my other cases!
    Anyone seen this?

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    As I have done more of these the obvious hit me between the eyes. Sure I have granulation tissue left. Waving the laser fiber around in a pocket will allow some of the granulation tissue to coagulate and come out of the pocket with the fiber. The rest stays in the pocket as a coagulated clump. It curretts out quickly and easly now that it is coagulated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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