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    Does anyone have another source for fibers that may be less expensive than Biolase?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Have you checked with NLT
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    I know they have at least 1 fiber slightly used because I just sold them my Lasersmile smile.gif

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    They don’t list any on their site nor on any of the information they have sent me in the mail.

    But I have not asked!


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    I just borrow Flems! smile.gif

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    Hey, Cletus…you can also try “Laser Dental Innovations” ( for LaserSmile accessories. They have some nice laser glow tips that I am using right now…good luck!

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    We ordered a couple from National Laser. They worked great and were less than Biolase.

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    The Laser Smile gel is specially formulated to work effectively with the specific wavelength of the Laser Smile T laser, increasing the efficiency of the whitening process.

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    Diode laser modules are used as pump sources for solid-state and fiber lasers, to amplify signals in telecommunications as well as in direct materials processing (e.g. plastics welding). The main advantages of diode laser modules are their high elector-optical efficiency, compact size and cost-efficiency.

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