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    Convissar, Robert(editor). The Dental Clinics of North America, October 2000: Lasers and Light Amplification in Dentistry.

    Manni,” target=”_blank”>

    Manni, Jeffrey G. Dental Applications of Advanced Lasers, April 2000.

    These two books have been most helpful to me for a basic understanding of laser physics, delivery systems and oral interactions.


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    The 2003 edition of Dental Applications of Advanced Lasers (DAAL) is now available. Purchase includes 1-year subscription to DAAL Alert electronic news service and DAAL Update electronic newsletter.

    See for more info.

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    Glenn van As

    Jeff: I have never met you but think that your textbook is a FANTASTIC resource of science for anyone looking to read more about lasers.

    Absolutely essential and I dont get a kickback in any shape or fashion.


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    Just to let you all know I have placed the DAAL book on for evaluation and review. It would be great if some of you with the publication can go to the site and add your &#360.02

    Glen has already added a nice review of the DeLight, no money exchanged hands, and it would be nice if some of the rest of us could contribute to the Laser product reviews.

    Thanks gang

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