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    From ESOLA Journal of Oral Laser Appplications ( Vol 3, Number 4 Winter 2003)-

    Microleakage of Class I and ClassV Resin Composite After Bur or Er,Cr,YSGG Laser Preparation

    Tankut Gursoy,Magrur Kazak,Kagan Gokce,Yasemin Benderli

    The aim of this study was to compare marginal microleakage of resin composites in Class I and Class V cavities prepared classically(bur) or with an er,cr:YSGG laser sysytem.

    Materials and Methods
    54 caries free extracted human 3rd molars were divided into 2 equal groups; group 1 (unlased), all cavities (n=9classV,n=18ClassI)were prepared with a bur and total etched;group2 (lased) all cavities(n=9 Class V;n=18 class I)were prepared w/ an er,cr:ysgg laser. After cavity preparation, an adhesive system(Excite) was applied and a resin composite (TetricCeram) placed into all cavities according to manufacturers instructions. The teeth were sealed w/ nail polish, imersed in 5% methylene blue, sectioned, and examined w/ a stereomicroscope at 10X.Dye penetration scores were recorded using different scales for ClassI and ClassV cavities.

    Unlased Class I cavities had statistically significant(p<.001) less microleakage than lased class I cavities. In Class V cavities, coventional preparation also yielded significantly less microleakage than did er,cr:YSGG
    laser preparation


    Our findings show that er,cr:YSGG laser irradiation of enamel and dentin is not a valid alternative to acid etching pretreatment of cavities to be filled w/ resin compositie materials.

    Any companies still claiming laser etching increases bond strength 90%?

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    Robert Gregg DDS

    Just one……….;)

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    Glenn van As

    Which one is that ??


    Must be the special sauce in the ingredients they use that allow for that 90% claim.



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