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    How do most people get off warranty repairs done? Does the regular dental equipment company fix it?
    Or does the dental laser company send a repair tech ( that seems an expensive way, unless they are in your city) or do you mail it in for repair?

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    Dr. Ed:

    Please see my response on your DentalTown thread.



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    Robert Gregg DDS

    Hi Ed,

    Here’s my answer from a dentist’s and manufacturer’s perspective.

    By Federal regulations, the manufacturer is responsible for warranties and repairs. It is a requirement of FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) that EVERY manufacturer MUST follow in order to sell their lasers in the U.S.

    All manufacturers therefore take the responsibility for the fixing and repairing during the warranty period–usually one year parts and labor. But you should get that understanding in writing, and make sure ALL parts are included and what the terms for warranty coverage are.

    Specifically, is replacement of the trunk fiber or handpiece following use part of the warranty/replacement as well as any fixing and repair of a blown circuit, for example.

    Fibers are more integral to an erbium based system versus an Nd:YAG or argon or diode that can accept fibers from various vendors, where the erbiums can only use fibers from the original equipment manufacturer.

    Some manufacturers offer an extended warranty program. Some “require” it for the second year and beyond. Some lasers require more service an attention than others, depending on the wavelength–erbiums more than neodymiums, for example.

    I hope that helps a little….


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