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    There have been many nice images posted to this forum and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for cameras and accessories. The Sony Mavica I have is pretty limited:)
    Looked at the photomed site and wasn’t impressed with any of the sample pix whether full or 1/4 size.
    Camera recommendation?
    Needed accessories?
    Where to buy?
    Training needed?
    Anything else?


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    Glenn van As

    I have 2 suggestions…….

    1. If you want point and shoot many of the experts are getting a Canon G3 and adapting it with a macro lens and ring flash from someone like Photo med.

    Tarun at Dental Town has alot of posts on how to do this under the digital photography section

    2. If you want better pics quality wise, a little heavier camera and enjoy shooting pics outside of dentistry you may want to use what Mark Colonna has and get a Fuji S2 with a 105mm lens (either Nikon or sigma) and the Sb 29 ringflash from Nikon.

    It will cost you more but you can take off the lenses and shoot family stuff with other lenses. Do you have any other lenses at present and what is your camera knowledge and how much do you want to do with your camera……..

    Only at the office and simple stuff……..look at the Canon G3

    Take other stuff with a variety of lenses then look at the Fuji S2 which is more expensive……


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    i use a photomed epson camera …I thinks it s a very good intermediate camera…but u guys r the best judjes…. the problem is photomed constantly changes their packages and they dont even sell mine anymore….
    they will support it fi need help but they are also not cheap to buy from…If u want to buy or learn more i would call Andy Thompson at Norman camera( . tell him I told u to call…he is very knowledgeable, has dental packages and dosent rip u off… He supplies the camera now for pac live…. Good luck!

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    Glenn van As

    I agree Ron look at Norman Camera. They were there even before they started with the dental market.


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    What about mirrors ?
    What kind? for occlussals , buccals, linguals,etc.
    From where?
    Do most kits include these?
    I have the Morita retractors, nice but seem a little fragile.

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    Glenn van As

    Hi Ron and best wishes for a happy new year. Man your forum is taking off……kudos to you.

    Hey I have a variety of big mirrors and basically I use the occlusal mirrors either large or small. If you do ortho you need the buccal ones but for photography I just have the ones from Washington Scientific or Photomeds and they work great.

    I just think you want to avoid having the distraction of lower teeth staring you in the face when you are photographing the maxilla. Now with the scope , I just bump up the mag and it all disappears if there is a distraction from another area.

    Photography through the scope is a breeze.


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    I use a “point and shoot” Coolpix 880 from Nikon. The camera will fit into the palm of your hand and into your pants pocket. My photos are shot without a special macro lens, with no lens adapter and with no ringlight.

    The photos are acceptable for documentation, provide great prints and presentation to patients and colleagues. I use a thirty dollar program called Ulead to edit my photos.

    My suggestion would be to not buy a “kit” from the dental photography companies. You can look in the back of any photography magazine and order direct any camera, macro lens or ringlight at greatly reduced fees. Retractors and mirrors can be ordered at low prices. Do not buy a “kit” and pay a bunch of money for the dental photography company image management software.


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    Figured I better flip the maxillary photo and crop out the mandibular teeth or Glenn would get mad!!!!

    Just kiddin guys,


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    Glenn van As

    In the first pic I thought you had patients with palates on the mandible……..

    Great photos Al, and your story of how you came to appreciate and use your laser is for me one of the three or four best things from the forum

    Others include Rons rise in knowledge and his pursuit of the science and physics behind lasers.

    Bob Greggs constant history, science , and physics posts, he has forgotten more laser stuff than I will ever learn.

    Mark Colonna proved to me that crown preps were possible with the laser and that you dont need a sundial to time the preps.

    IN addition I have really enjoyed the comraderie, pics and education I have received on this little ole site.

    I want to wish everyone here a warm , safe , and prosperous new year. May all your dreams come true.

    Keep on lazin’


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    Ok, photo experts I need some quick lessons if you are willing. Got a Fuji to try out w/ macro lens and ring flash. Been playing w/ f stop and exposure .

    1st taken 1/60 6.3


    2nd 1/80 11

    Both taken of my daughter at home in basement (yes I know its probably not the best place,but what can I say, I want to play with the camera:) )

    Suggestions/ Advice?rock.gif


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    I use a coolpix 880 also, there are much higher pixels available now than when the 3.34 was tops but the 880 provides very nice shots. i still struggle abit with the focus. Feedback is welcome!. and shodows without the ring flash. the 880 has a nice close up feature but again makes it difficult to focus as the auto seems to not settle in and lock.

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    Well i recommend you Nikon cameras its number one company making only cameras and if you want to learn photography then first of all don’t waist your money on expensive cameras bay decent camera from Nikon store or you bay from Online stores. yes practice daily don’t shoot so much photos only capture some special things with variations.

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