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    The attached x-ray is of #30 implant with advanced bone loss with infection. Implant was placed just 6 months ago and went down hill after the cementation of the crown. We did not place this implant. From your experience would you recommend trying to treat the situation with LANAP or removing the implant and starting over. I would recommend if treating with LANAP to remove the crown and place healing cap, would you all agree? Nobel Active 5.5 x 11.5. Patient has recently had knee replacement surgery and has already ended up in the hospital from the infection around the implant.

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    I would definitely treat it, the best hope to save this implant. If you can easily remove the crown that facilitates the ease in performing LAPIP, however I have treated similar and not removed the crown. I like to decrease watts to 3.6 and be mindful of the LAPIP protocol and occlusion! There appears to be cement on the mesial at the collar, which would be good to remove. Worse case the implant fails, best case you are a hero. Good luck!

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