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    Teeth and gum cleaning is of vital importance and we usually seem to look past it, because of the time consumed in caring for them! If you still think oral hygiene is a tedious task, you need to think again. Zolar dental lasers are one of the most trustworthy brands for laser equipment in the industry. Given below are such easy to follow and effective tips and tricks that can help you in keeping your teeth sparkling clean and make it possible for you make the most of a beautiful smile!

    1. Brushing teeth properly
    2. Flossing after every meal
    3. Chewing sugar free gums for maintaining the ph level of the mouth
    4. Avoid eating foods that might give you a bad breath, if you do have bad breath, try some good mouth wash
    5. Never go to bed without brushing your teeth
    6. Don

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    Nice tricks.. Really helpful for preventing teeth from gums…..

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    Helpful tips for keeping your teeth healthy.. 😀

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    Really Helpful tips for dental care.. 🙂

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    Thank You for tips..

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    Helpful Tips.. Really nice..

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    Nice Tips..

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    It is really nice tips. Thanks for sharing it……….

    You can also check out other tricks on following link:

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    really helpful tips. thank you, will come in handy next time i go to see my dentist. they do all sorts of dental work cosmetic dentistry independence

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    There are five basic steps to caring for teeth and gums:

    1. Brushing
    2. Flossing
    3. Eating right
    4. Visiting the dentist
    5. Rinsing

    Tips for Brushing Teeth

    Brush at least twice a day. If you can, brush after every meal. Ideally wait 30 minutes after eating, this will allow any enamel that softened from acid during eating to re-harden and not get brushed away. Brushing removes plaque, a film of bacteria that clings to teeth. When bacteria in plaque come into contact with food, they produce acids. These acids lead to cavities. To brush:

    • Place a pea-sized dab of fluoride toothpaste on the head of the toothbrush.
    • Place the toothbrush against the teeth at a 45-degree angle up to the gum line.
    • Move the brush across the teeth using a small circular motion.
    • Continue with this motion cleaning one tooth at a time.
    • Avoid pressing so hard that the bristles lie flat against the teeth.
    • Keep the tips of the bristles against the gum line.
    • Let the bristles reach into spaces between teeth.
    • Brush across the top of the chewing surfaces of the teeth.
    • Make sure the bristles get into the grooves and crevices.
    • Use the same small circular motion to clean the backside of the upper and lower teeth — the side that faces the tongue.

    To clean the inside of the bottom front teeth, angle the head in an up-and-down position toward the bottom inside of the mouth and move the toothbrush in a small circle.
    For the inside of the top front teeth, angle the brush in an up-and-down position with the tip of the head pointing towards the roof of the mouth. Move the toothbrush in a small circle.

    Give your tongue a few gentle brush strokes, brushing from the back of your tongue forward. Do not scrub. This helps remove bacteria and freshens your breath.

    After brushing your teeth for two to three minutes, rinse your mouth with water.

    Replace your toothbrush with a new one every three to four months.

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