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    mickey frankl

    I had a problem with my waterlase and after discusing this with the technical support in Germany(they were very very helpful) diagnosed the problem as a burnt mirror in the handpiece.
    I called the UK company who look after these lasers (Instinctive) and they told me to send them the handpiece.They then called me and said they will charge me &#36750 USD to look at the handpiece and any repairs will be charged extra.
    This seems greatly expensive!
    Has anyone got any idea how much this repair should cost in the US?
    They offered me a survice contract for &#365500 USD which does not cover the fibre hence I have no contract.

    Thanks for any advice


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    I am afraid you are stuck. Changing a mirror is easy but getting a mirror is almost impossible…. The tech was suppose to come by this week and I was going to ask for you about cost etc…. However something came up….
    In the mean time check out this thread

    Our you out of comisson or just down one handpiece?

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    Lee Allen

    What ever happened to this handpiece mirror repair solution?

    I have a semi scorched one that I want repaired and the cost is &#36179, but there is a do-it-yourself kit for &#36400 that the tech is encouraging me to buy. Once the kit is in hand, will mirrors be hard to come by? :confused:

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    I just got the kit for the MD. It is pretty cool. It comes with two mirrors.

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    Quote: from dkimmel on 7:21 pm on June 1, 2006
    I just got the kit for the MD. It is pretty cool. It comes with two mirrors.

    But the cost is as much as an in shop repair. You just get an extra mirror for your effort. Maybe someone else will be willing to work on the handpieces soon.

    We can only hope.

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    The kit comes with the extended warrenty.

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