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    Our Waterlase is several years old but has been used very little. We are now trying to use it on a more regular basis but find that its cutting efficiency is very poor. Does the machine need to be serviced or do we need more operating experience? How often do users have the equipment serviced? Do users have it calibrated each year, as Biolase recommends? Do users buy the costly service contract? Is it a good idea to have a service contract? What is your experience with maintenance?

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    have u been properly trained. Some units need maintenance and a contract is important but you must be trained properly. Try to attend either our training course in NY or Barr/ Colona or any other training courses and then see how your laser cuts. where r u located?

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    Glenn van As

    Several factors come to mind when discussing poor cutting ability

    1. As Ron said……you must have clinical training
    2. You must have higher than average magnification. A minimum of 4.5X has been suggested. 6.0X is better. A scope is best
    3. You should have your machine inspected to see if it is working properly. Is the handpiece and mirrors ok. Is the fiber ok.

    There are alot of factors including expectations (its not ever going to be as fast as a handpiece) that affect performance, and I would suggest that if you want to make a concerted effort to use the laser more that you include the above mentioned variables when attempting to conquer the learning curve regardless of laser brand.



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    What is the difference between the &#362000 and the &#363800 maintenance agreement with the waterlase. I can’t sell mine, so I might actually look into getting it working again.

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    Lee Allen

    The Waterlase has been a remarkably maintenance free instrument for its complexity but I cannot reinforce the need for routine maintenance more.  

    I have learned over the past 4 years, thru trial and error, that routine (annual at a minimum) checkups are good a way to prevent expensive repairs – like fiber replacement – and maintain the operating effeciency.

    Case in point, twice I have been stopped from using the Waterlase with an error message and an annoying water leak.   I learned how I should be doing some topping up of distilled water (internal closed system reservoir for cooling) and inspection with cleaning under magnification of the cable end.  Both times the tech was able to tune up the performance of the Waterlase and catch something about to go.  It feels about 40% more effecient now.

    Even if the instrument has been without use, there are maintenance items to be peformed.  I would imagine at the least there is internal cooling sytem water  evaporation.

    A tech annual visit is a must.  The cost is a part of owning and operating the Waterla&#36e,  like changing the oil in your car. The maintenace contract is a way to cut the cost down but primarily to decrease your &#36&#36 liability for the big repairs.


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